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I love to point you in the direction of good things I believe in.

Sometimes I will link to great things I have discovered, which are just regular old links.

Other times I will link to places that, if you click them and purchase, I might get a commission in exchange, which is a nice thank you to me from those companies for telling you about them. I only recommend things I love, can truly stand behind, and that you might both really like and find as amazing as I do, too.

In the meantime, I only recommending things that I think are helpful, simply enjoyable, or fascinating, and not because of any kickbacks. That’s just some nice pin money to fund my dinosaur museum tour! Everybody should have a go visit the dinosaurs fund, don’t you think?

I will always tell you if a link is an affiliate or sponsored link. If there is no statement saying that a link is an affiliate or sponsored link, then it is just a regular link to a website or service I liked, and thought you might find of interest, but are receiving no compensation for, in any way.

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