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Bring strength, independence, & resilience to your life.

Dinosaurs are amazing creatures. They evolved into a wonderful variety of strong, capable, and unique creatures that THRIVED for millennia. In this beautifully strong collection of paleo art each dinosaur inspired artwork was created to bring the power, creative ingenuity, and ability to beat the odds of these magnificent animals to your life.



bring warmth, love, & Creative individuality to your home.

Discover the beautiful goddesses and gods of creation art collection. Truly unique and wonderful original artworks, art prints, and more inspired by what it means to choose to create a vibrant and healthy world for all.


Hope for You & Our Planet

Proceeds from every art and story shop sale go towards backing efforts to save Mother Earth.

• We champion for nature by funding ocean clean up efforts so that humpback whales, turtles, and dolphins can swim safely.

• We support biodiversity safe zones where animals including beavers, wild horses, caribou and elephants can thrive and live without fear.

• We fund education programs that seek to reawaken and empower the connection between humanity and the earth so that we all can enjoy the peace and beauty of the outdoors.

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