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Celebration Art

Unique & Fun Art Perfect for Celebrations 

Art to celebrate Birthdays, Marriages, Mother's Day, Father's Day & More 

When good things happen you should enjoy them! 

Celebrate! You deserve to enjoy the moment, to drink in the good feelings with all your heart.

Laughter, champagne flutes that seem to spark with joyful energy, the uproarious cheers, and the surprisingly amazing speech you know you gave off the cuff, but can't remember word of now – the celebratory joy, accomplishment, relief!

There are all kinds of wonderful times in life to celebrate and remember with a unique work of art as a special gift or as a treat for yourself. Enjoying and remembering all the good things in life - from life changing events like dreamlike weddings with sparkling lights amid the trees, birthday parties full of chocolate cheery cake that only your mother can make right, hard earned Phd in Environmental Science graduations, the promotion you were dreaming of where you can lead like you born to do, and the everyday joys like having a Pride and Prejudice movie marathon paired with a chocolate tasting. (If you are doing one of these please call me! :)

All worth remembering for years to come.

All worth celebrating with a special artwork that captures the feeling of the moment, the day so that even when times get tough, you can remember the golden glowing moments of laughter and hugs.

Express heartfelt gratitude to the universe and allow the joy to wash through you - truly feel the joy.

The Celebration Art Collection is coming soon to help you express and remember all the wonderful moments.

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