It takes courage to stand up for what you love, to do what is right, to embrace your inner goddess of nature.

Living in harmony with nature is a journey, an adventure, a way of life that welcomes you home - yet encourages you to go out and explore the world at the same time.

Creating art + stories that explore what it truly means to be alive, to experience life, to connect with nature, and overcoming impossible odds is what we do here at Girard Illustration. 

We are on a mission to save Mother Earth, and keep the world a vibrant beacon of hope and love where humpback whales dance under the full moon and star bright sky, where goddesses laugh in time with the surging waves, and children delight in the wonder of dinosaurs come to life.

Everyday we are working to save dophins, mustang horses, and lynx by supporting biodiversity conservation efforts, ocean cleanups, and maintaining safe migration corridors for our animal friends with proceeds from each and every art and story sale.