It started with a child's giggle.  

After a a wonderful day at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, I observed a mother reading a story to her children. The children were giggling and jumping up and down as the subway we were on traveled downtown. Having just spent some time admiring the Tyrannosaur rex at the museum, my imagination took the leap to a Tyrannosaur family riding the subway together. 

Imagining dinosaurs living their lives in our world has become a favorite past time of mine. In this new and fresh collection I illustrate what it may have looked like for dinosaurs to adventure around the modern world, with a big toothy smile full of humor and good natured fun. Enjoy! 

These colorful watercolors, oil paintings, and drawings feature dinosaurs doing what they love to do – the illustrations are in turns beautiful, sometimes boldly realistic, often humorously adventurous, and always thoughtful.