Rising Above  

Sometimes life hands us nothing but lemon after lemon. 

We each have a choice. 

We can choose to see and be nothing but the lemons.

Or we can choose to use the lemons as a stepping stone on our way to make wonderful things like lemonade, lemon chicken, and lemon filled cookies. Our lives can become full and rich with experiences worth sticking around for. 

We don't need someone else to give us wings to fly with, matter of fact we don't need wings to fly at all. We can fly all on our own.

We can rise above our lemons and turn them into something good.

Sometimes our lemons become compassion, mercy, and a true sense of purpose. 

My lemons helped me realize that life is precious – that I could use my gifts of art and writing to help others. I strive to help others living with chronic illness, and their loved ones, find understanding, joy, healing, and delight through my stories and art.

Sometimes all it takes to rise above the lemons is to know that you are not alone.

You are not alone.