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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wow! I really love the artwork any of it for sale?

Absolutely! We have a lovely variety of original artworks, limited edition prints and other great products available for sale in the Art and Stories Shop. 

Click here to take a stroll through the Shop to find the perfect art and story treasure for you, gifts, home decor and so much more!

You can also commission Kristen to create an original painting or drawing for you. Click here to see how.


Does the Artist sign Her work?

Of course! All of Kristen Girard's original paintings are hand signed by the artist. This is one great way to tell if you have an original artwork by Kristen Girard or not. The artist only signs her work when she feels it is well and truly done.

All official limited edition prints and artist proofs are hand signed and numbered by the artist. Only limited edition prints are signed and numbered in gold colored paint. Artist proofs are signed and numbered in silver color paint.

Other products, like mugs and t-shirts are not signed by the artist except during in person appearances.


What is a limited edition print? 

Limited edition prints are special because there is a very limited supply. 

This means that only certain number of prints of that size will ever be made.

This is a really good thing for art collectors because no matter how many places the artwork is published, you, the collector, are one of the only lucky people who will ever have that beautiful limited edition print.

No matter how many people love the work, and want a print just like yours, once the edition has sold out, no new prints just like them will ever be made.

In effect, the mold is broken, making limited edition prints truly unique and special.

  • Each limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist Kristen Girard.

  • Each limited edition print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Tips for making sure your print stays in beautiful condition for a long time to come are included with each limited edition print.

  • Each series of limited edition prints is printed either on 100% cotton rag fine art paper, or on beautifully prepared canvas, with high quality inks so that they can last a lifetime.

There can be a separate sets of prints made of that artwork at a smaller or larger size that can be limited or open edition prints as well, depending on the artist's preference. The artwork can also be licensed for various applications like being published in a book or gracing a coffee mug. However, anything new must be separate and distinct from the limited edition print series.

Which special limited edition print will you choose?


Is Kristen Girard's work available for licensing? 

Yes it is!

Let’s get the conversation started!

To get the ball rolling – first connect with us here


What's the best way to care for my new art treasure?

Great question!

Check out this link for all the tips on how to best care for original art and limited edition art prints.

How do I contact the artist?


We love to here from great people like you!

The best way to get in touch with Kristen Girard and/ or Girard Illustration is by emailing us at or by simply by clicking here to go straight to our contact page.

We do our best to respond within 1-2 business days, however it can take a little bit longer if we are out on an art and story inspiration gathering adventure (mainly because the internet and/ or cell phone service can be spotty in the great outdoors where the best inspiration is to be found).

How long will it take to receive my order?


We don’t settle for lackluster work, and insist on making beautiful goods, excellently crafted with superior materials, because, quite frankly, we think you are worth the time and effort.

To bring you that level of craftsmanship, it can take between three and four weeks before our products are ready to ship.

Please plan accordingly.

Speaking Events and Workshops

Is the artist and writer available for speaking engagements?

Getting out in front of a crowd is no problem!

Kristen Girard enjoys speaking at events and connecting with her audiences. She is a gifted speaker who brings charm, laughter, and knowledge to audiences from all walks of life, young at heart, and old in wisdom, alike.

If you would like writer and artist Kristen Girard to speak at your event, please contact us here


Does Kristen Girard teach workshops?

She loves to do workshops!

It's a great way to bring art out into the world and explore the realms of imagination. We offer a wide variety of courses and workshops designed for all ages and skill levels from elementary school classes to seasoned art professional workshops.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop event by Kristen Girard, please contact us for a listing of currently available offerings and dates here.

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