There is magic every where.  

In a world of 1's and 0's where we are surrounded by concrete and pollution it is easy to become disconnected from anything of true value – love, friendship, family, and wildlife. The Goddesses and Gods Collection is dedicated to bringing a breathe of fresh air and joyful connection to something greater than ourselves – our home planet Earth.

Our world can be both a big and small place, when the idea of magic is added a whole new dimension opens up a universe full of possibilities to explore. Imagining natural forces like air, fire, water, and earth as powerful elements that can be changed by people with certain natural affinities is an inspiring idea. It seems that most people have a natural affinity for one element over another. Some people love water and swim like a fish, others can't get enough time flying in the wind swept sky.

You have a goddess or god of light and healing, a higher self, within you. When you recognize and acknowledge your inner light, you have a tremendous power to do good in the world. Go out and use it, Mother Earth needs your help now.