Art for Incredible Interior Designers

Custom art, unique originals, and beautiful prints.

Lovely paintings and drawings that evoke feelings of peace and well being to create homes that feel great to live in and earth friendly businesses that are a joy to work in.


Custom Art Commissions

Unusual art custom made to transform not just a place, but the people who see it so that they come ever closer to who they are here to be.

I create paintings and drawings that transcend space and time to express the hopes, dreams, strengths, and visions of individuals and business alike. My art is for people who are discovering who they really are and what lints them up from the inside out.

The art I create is for businesses that care about their people, the impact they have on the natural world, and are truly seeking to bring peace, harmony, and equality to all they do.

If that sounds like your clients then you are in the perfect place to discover artwork your clients will rave about.

Contact me using the form below to find out more about what I can do for you and the projects you are working on.


Original Paintings and Drawings

Explore and be inspired by beautifully crafted original oil paintings, watercolor paintings, and pencil drawings. These are artworks that are statements that can draw a whole room together as you create gorgeous living spaces. You can explore the art store or contact me using the form below if you are looking for something specific or wish to buy multiple artworks at once.

Fantastic Prints

There are a wide variety of limited edition prints on canvas or fine art paper available in the art store. Most prints have a generous two inch border all around. They can be shipped unframed to an art framer of your choosing. If you are looking for different sizes or are looking for something different than you see in the art shop contact me using the form below.

–•Good Things to Know About Working With Me•–

• I can work directly with you or with your client.

• You don’t have to know exactly what you or client are looking for, I will help you bring that into clearer focus when you schedule a discovery call.

• Creating portraits that show your client their inner light - their true selves - is one of my specialties.

• Another speciality is creating visionary portraits of pets and companion animals from horses to cats.

• The realm of imagination is my homeland.

• I can create multiple artworks that coordinate together to create beautiful art walls as large or as small as will make the room(s) you are designing sing.

• I only work with the highest quality materials and value a high degree of craftsmanship. I make art that stands the test of time – and that your clients will love for years to come.

• Due to the detailed nature of my work, plan on a three month turn around from the day we book a commission project to the day it is ready to ship.

• Art is only shipped in incredibly sturdy and tough packaging. No need to worry about damage during shipping! I can coordinate with you about art pick up and/or shipping and dates.

• All my art is inspired by the light of the stars and moon – and fueled by large amounts of fair trade chocolate, local honey, and black tea. ;)

• All you need to do now is to fill out this form link - and I’ll be in touch!