Sometimes life gets unintentionally interesting... 

Laughter gets us by little hurdles in life, even if it's smiling at our own antics. ;)

Silly, funny bumps on the path of creativity, that despite my best efforts, are practically a daily occurance.


  • Paint in my hair. Blue seems to be ever present. I may just stop fighting it someday and dye my hair all the colors of the rainbow so the paint just blends in.
  • Someone at the rock climbing gym or stable or BOTH asks if I'm "okay". Whenever this question comes up I'm always slightly puzzled. Then in response to the concerned looks I'm getting I look down at arms and realize that I missed the  purple and green paint smudges all over my arms - again. I honestly don't know where all the paint comes from or how it magically transfers - EVERYWHERE.
  • Keeping the cat from typing "cat script" on my computer when I walk away for 30 seconds to get a cup of tea. (How in the world do cats activate super secret codes you didn't even know were a thing and then tie your computer up in knots as a result in less than 15 seconds?!?!)

  • Felt tortured by the scent of food cooking on my neighbor’s grill as I tried to concentrate on painting. (Despite eating mostly vegetables, I love grilled hamburgers – so this always makes me super hungry! And they grill almost everyday! Arrggghhh! Soooo hungry, but must paint. AND - my calorie tracker says that I have to work out for hours in order to actually eat the deliciousness that is taunting me. Grrrrrrr.)

  • Being gently, but firmly, ushered out the museum door at closing time while frantically drawing “just one more minute.” I wish they would just give me keys so that I can lockup after my drawings are finished for the day.

  • Forgot to make dinner (actually I did "make" it - but accidentally burnt it again) because I was lost in painting and writing. It's a good thing I like things slightly crisp, I suppose.

  • Was conned into rock climbing, again, by my husband. He whispered the word "reference", and I was out the door with my camera before I realized I had been tricked.
  • Had to scrub paint off the cat who waltzed through the middle of my paint palette while I was on the phone with a client. Then had to follow tracks of said cat all over the house and "de-paint" it. Sigh.
  • Accidentally sipped paint water when reaching for the tea mug. Couldn't stop sputtering for hours. (Ick. Note to self - tea on left, paint on right.)
  • Forgot I was wearing an artist smock and had paint brushes in my hair when I went to the bank and post office. ( Somehow this creative look just isn't fashionable–ever according to, well, the entire neighborhood. )
  • Blood sugar went low after all the sweet, yummy things I always wish to eat were gone.
  • Tried to exercise by riding a grass obsessed horse on a “buffet ride”. (Other people get to go on trail rides – my horse, however, sees trail rides as an opportunity to eat everything in sight – trying to prevent him has left me with She-Hulk like arms.)