20 Things People Living With Diabetes Have on Their Minds That You Don't

20 Things People with Type 1 Diabetes Think About on a Good Day

People living with diabetes have everything other humans have on their minds, plus a constant stream of concerns that come up when you have to take over the job of your own pancreas or die. Fun! Not! Not at all!

A good sense of humor becomes very necessary when living with diabetes. It’s that or cry. And who wants to spend all their time crying? Not me! Hence, diabetic humor is actually a very necessary survival tactic.

Living with type one diabetes is tough, even when you have a great insulin pump like my much loved Tandem insulin pump. We are (mostly) inseparable. ;)


Things on my mind as a person living with type 1 diabetes that you probably don’t ever have to contemplate (unless you are also a person living with type 1 diabetes - and then you know exactly what I’m talking about - bummers x 1000):

1. What’s the likelihood my insulin pump will fall into the toilet?

2. Do I have sharp objects with me and how many?

3. How many little kids will I have to steal bunny snacks from if I run out of glucose tabs?

4. Why is my $%$%**^ finger NOT bleeding?!?!?!

5. Why is my *&*&^%@#! finger STILL bleeding?

6. Am I low or just confused?

7. Counting down to when it will be medically necessary to eat that cupcake…..

8. Frack it. I don’t care if my tubing is showing.

9. How did I get high on a salad with no fruit or dressing??????

10. Is it possible to drink a half gallon of water and not have to pee in an hour or less?

11. Do I care if my insulin pump bulge shows in this dress? Nope.

12. How many candy bars will it take to hike up this mountain?

13. Am I an alien or really, really low? Is this a tent or spaceship?

14. My insulin must be cooking in this heat!!! Frackety frack frack frack!

15. That door knob is out to get me.

16. My blood sugar graph looks like a roller coaster! Loops and all! Head smacks onto table.

17. Am I actually hungry or is it just the insulin talking?

18. Why do insulin pumps like to bungee jump?

19. Mmmmmm….frosting.

20. At what point will I just turn into a cyborg?

All true. ;)

For the lucky uninitiated into diabetes land, high = high blood sugar. Low = low blood sugar. Sharp objects include lancets, syringes, infusion sites and a host of other medical equipment that is the daily nightmare of someone who actually has to use it to live. You learn to live with it, to not let it define you, but you never really get used to it.

If you would like to know what type 1 diabetes is and how it’s different from type 2 diabetes check out this link.


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