Beach Goddess Ocean Art

Ocean Goddess Art for the Beach House Feel

Summer breezes, ocean waves, and goddesses forming from sea foam…

You don’t have to go to the beach to feel the soothing summer calm of the ocean with this art!

There is nothing more relaxing than hearing ocean waves break upon the shore and watching the mist and spray create fantasy shapes like goddesses and horses!


When I go to the beach all I want to do is draw and paint the forms the waves make … and swim a bit, too!

I love the way dawn glimmers on the ocean waves by at first subtly brushing them with warm pinks and creating mini stars where the light seems to burst through the droplets. As I painted this I was thinking about how hope dawns in our lives just as the sun first begins to color the waves at dawn…quietly and powerfully.

You can bring the freshness and healing of the ocean into your home now to enjoy all year long by buying a gorgeous ocean goddess art print today!

Water Magic - Art Print
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Water Magic - Art Print
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Flow Into Your True Power

It’s time to feel as energized as you do when you are standing on the beach with your toes curled in the damp sand while waves crash and then gently kiss your skin.

Whenever you are feeling uncertain, lost, or powerless, simply look at this goddess artwork to remember that you already have all the power you need to heal yourself and create a life you love. You are not here to be contained. You are here to break through barriers and bring renewed life and wonder back into the world.

  • Art print on canvas

  • Limited edition

  • Signed by the Artist

  • Available sizes: 13 inches wide x 19 inches tall, or 16 inches wide by 24.5 inches tall

  • All art prints have an additional 2 inch border on all sides

Whenever you are feeling stuck looking at this ocean goddess art will remind you to breathe deep and allow creative thoughts to flow that will help you break free.

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