Bring a Breath of Fresh Air Magic Into Your Life

Artwork That Brings Life, the Element of Air, and the Power of Dreams Reawakened To You

Art with the element of air magic brings color and life to a room like a breathe of fresh spring air you want to enjoy again and again!

Say good-bye to stale and stuffy spaces that don’t reflect who you are and hello to a vibrantly colorful life full of dreams coming true…

This art is all about bringing invigorating fresh air and powerful dreams into your life.


Sometimes it feels like everything in life is trying to stuff us into a nice, neat, perfectly gift wrapped box - all the while telling us that what we want doesn't really matter in so many ways… and neither do our dreams. That box is hard to live in! It’s cramped and there is no where to turn and stretch out into who we are aching to be. When we are living in a box made for the convenience of others, it‘s hard to breathe, let alone dream.

This art is all about helping you break out of the box, to bust it at the seams and remind you to never go back. Your dreams are too bright and beautiful and POWERFUL to be contained for the ease of unthinking peace of mind of others.

I painted this goddess of dreams and air painting to help you breathe freely so that you can have the inner strength to bring your dreams to life.

You don’t belong in a box and neither do your dreams.

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Goddess of Air Magic - Art Print
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Goddess of Air Magic - Art Print
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Rekindle Your Power to Dream

When we are little we are encouraged to dream big, big, big!

Yet, somewhere along the way we loose that as we grow up, we shut down our hopes, we loose the ability to dream. This art print will help you remember how to dream every time you look at it by opening up your mind, heart, and soul to curiosity and wonder - the gateways to powerful dreams. It is a talisman to bring you back to your true self and the power of your big, big, big dreams.

  • Art print on canvas

  • Limited edition

  • Signed by the Artist

  • Available sizes: 13 inches wide x 19 inches tall, or 16 inches wide by 24.5 inches tall

  • All art prints have an additional 2 inch border on all sides.

Empower yourself to dream big and take brave steps to make your dreams come true every time you see this art print in your home.

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