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Unleash your inner goddess of nature!

Listen to your inner goddess of nature... speak up for the natural world you love and cherish.

Let's take a moment to do small expirement that will help you find the peace and clarity that comes from unleashing your inner goddess of nature. When you are coming from a place of fact, not the whim of opinion, you have all the strength you need to shine on.

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Iguanodon Dinosaur Paleo Art

Iguanodon dinosaur art that welcomes you home with strength, love, and giggles of delight.

From Dinosaur Train to Jurassic World to Kristen Girard's dinosaur paleo artwork – dinosaurs are coming to life! Great stories and art are enriching our lives with unique ideas that are exquisite food for the dinosaur loving imagination. Here is a behind the scenes look at one of Kristen Girard's beautiful dinosaur watercolor paintings of an Iguanodon anglicus in progress. Gorgeous prints of the finished Iguanodon art are available to purchase as a gift or for roaringly amazing dinosaur home decor.

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