How to Find Your Happy Place and Why It Matters That You Do

How to Find Your Happy Place & Why It Truly Does Matter That You Do

Finding your happy place is important because you matter - and so does your happiness.

Genuine happiness - when a smile comes naturally on its own - and cares fade away...

That kind of happiness is essential for your well being.

You don’t have to be happy all the time.

Truth is – no one is happy all the time.

And if they are, something’s off. Like when Data on Star Trek would get a bit odd - even for Data - as he would try too hard for something that’s not really desirable in an effort to “blend in” as he would seek to learn what it is like to be human.

That said, happiness is something that you should experience more days than not.

Happiness is part of the full range of emotions that all life shares.

When happiness isn’t a part of your regular life, that’s a wake up call from your inner goddess that something is off. If you’ve gone through long periods without a moment or two of happiness at least every few days - you already know that on some deep level.

If happiness has been absent or fleeting for you, then it’s time to explore how to invite happiness into your life. Let’s explore what happiness is and how we can welcome this precious emotion into our lives more.


The feeling of happiness comes from a place of allowing yourself to enjoy the moment doing something you genuinely enjoy doing.

And therein lies the problem and solution to finding happiness!

Too often we don’t allow ourselves to be happy because we put it off - for that nebulous later that never comes. We tell ourselves that work, and taking care of others is much, much more important than our own happiness and enjoyment of life.

Like me, you may often find yourself putting off the things that make you happy as a reward for a job well done. A reward that you never let yourself take because there is always just one more thing to do that needs to be done first. And it feels terribly self indulgent to tell the world: “Later! The next half hour is mine to do whatever I actually want to do!”

We don’t do that.

We let day after day pass in a haze of being busy and emails and grocery shopping, and dusting, and cooking, and more dusting (where in the world does all the dust come from??? and why do dust bunnies breed faster than a runny nose in elementary school classes?!?!?!), and doing the right thing for everybody else until one day you realize that you are weary, tired in so many ways, and can’t remember the last time you felt your shoulders relax.

When you are happy, you relax in a deep way.

It’s kind of like yoga, but you are able to do an activity that lets your mind quiet on its own because you are so into what you are doing.

And the really cool thing about the state of happiness - it finds you.

You don’t have to search for it.

However, you do need to pay attention to where and how happiness finds you.

Happiness often isn’t laugh out loud, and ear to ear grins, and lots of sunshine, and noise at the warm beach (though that could be where happiness finds you).

Instead, happiness is often a quieter state of deep contentment where you feel whole, at peace, and a smile may even form on it’s own. Though, you don’t have to smile to be happy. True happiness is so subtle that all you may recognize at first is that you don’t feel quite as stressed. And that your shoulders have relaxed a teeny bit into a more human feeling and no longer have the consistency of marble statue’s.

Creating moments everyday where you can simply experience happiness for a few moments matters for your well being because in those moments you are yourself, you are taken care of, and your to do list is set aside so that you can simply enjoy being alive. It’s no small and insignificant thing that - being happy to be alive.

Happiness may come to you as a state of bliss - like the first time you give a horse a carrot, or pet a purring cat, or have a pedicure.

Pedicures are wonderful for experiencing a bit of happiness because it feels really good to be taken care of. This is why so many people get pedicures and manicures regularly, get their hair styled… for so many people it’s only time they feel that someone is taking care of them. (Which is one of the many reasons why anyone who works in a salon should be anointed as guardian goddesses - making people feel good is a wonderful thing to do for a living!) And it feels so deeply relaxing and -happy making- to be taken care of for a few moments - and it may be the only time right now where the feeling of happiness finds you.

And if you’ve never had a pedicure or manicure professionally done - go try it. I don’t get them done more than once or twice a year (one hazard of being an artist and rock climber and horse person is that manicures don’t last long), but oh my it is something I look forward to!

Happiness can start simple.

Start slow and simply observe yourself.

Note when you stat to relax, what perks up your interest, what has you wishing you could do more of that thing. Those little clues are your inner goddess guiding you towards happiness.


Why is finding your happy place important?

Your happiness is incredibly important because it helps restore your soul, energizes your heart, and let’s your brain go from frazzled chaos to calm clarity.

When you are happy, even for just a few minutes, it helps you step into your best self - the version of yourself that you have always longed to be - and can be now. The self where you become your inner goddess. The self where you have the strength to make your dreams come true. And your dreams have the power to bring love, light, healing, and compassion into the world.

And that is a wonderful thing!

When you find small moments of happiness, they lead to bigger stretches of happiness that help you feel both softer and stronger at the same time, have better boundaries and more love at the same time, and see opportunities where at first you only saw walls.

Your happy place doesn't always have to be the same thing, and it can change day to day, season to season. All that matters is that you create opportunities for happiness to find you.

Ideas for finding your happy place.

  • Start with what you loved to do as a kid. What childhood memories make you wish you were a kid again?

  • Turn off your phone (or put it on silent) and take a walk and listen to the sounds around you - the tree leaves rustling in the breeze, the song of birds, the melody of water.

  • Go to an art museum and just explore for an hour.

  • Go to a bookstore and pick up random books, take them to the cafe and read until you’ve found you need to bring home with you.

  • Visit a pet shelter and let a cat adopt you as their forever purrrson.

  • Take a horseback riding lesson.

  • Go see a movie by yourself, get the popcorn, and kick back and simply enjoy the film. It’s surprisingly liberating!

  • Turn on an upbeat song, put your head phones on and dance, dance, dance - no sense of rhythm or beat required!

  • Sing along to the Sound of Music movie.

  • Go skiing for the day and leave your work at home. And get hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  • Play hide and seek with someone under 5.

  • Take a bath and read Cat Woman comic books.

  • Explore a tea shop and try a new tea with roses in it.

There are so many small and big ways to allow happiness to find you, and they are as unique as you!

Chisel out a place in your daily or weekly routine for a time to set aside for you. It could be 15 minutes or a whole afternoon. Do what works for you, because after all, finding your happy place comes down to what invites happiness into your life.

The smell of turpentine as a white canvas is transformed into a work of art.

The blend of red and blue into purple variations on watercolor paper.

The sound of computer keys clicking as stories coalesce onto the page. 

Research books open, and Little Dude, my inquisitive studio cat, sitting on the page I need to look at. 

That’s my happy place.

Want to see what I create when I am in my happy place? :)

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