You Matter

You really do matter.

It’s true. You matter in many ways.

Your dreams matter, too.

Yes, it’s truth.

We are each made of so many beautiful layers and facets created by the experiences, emotions, kindnesses we offer and are given, and dreams, our beautiful and worthy dreams.


But sometimes we feel frayed, chipped, melted like chocolate on a hot day and ground into the pavement by indifferent shoes. Sometimes we feel like this so much that we forget who we really are.

You might start to feel like you don’t matter at all.

Not one bit, to anyone or to anything.

And it can feel like the world does nothing but reinforce that, especially on your dark days and often with even more enthusiasm on days you thought were finally going to be a good day. It’s hard to feel like you matter when you are exhausted from the minute you crawl out of bed, to the commute where people seem determined to step on your toes, and then you step in a puddle - but not the friendly little kid play kind - no you step in the kind where the water is dark and soiled and it soaks right through your favorite shoes, so now your toes are squish, squish, squishing the rest of the day. Squish. Then you get to work already feeling frazzled. Your frazzle level fizzles right up through the roof when your smug boss smiles while he tells you all about the brilliant idea he had - that was yours to start with an d had talked with him about - and how he got a promotion and a raise by the fruits of your long hours and creativity. He saunters away as he throws over his shoulder the rude semi-command, “And by the way… you don’t have anything to do this weekend, right? So why don’t you get to work on that unpleasant behemoth of a project no-one else wants to touch - because well, they have better things to do on the weekend, and you don’t because you’re single still, right?” And then you finally make it home at 8:00 pm, take one sigh of relief to finally be in your cozy apartment and slip out of your still wet shoes, and step onto a giant pile of cat puke.

Yeah, it can feel like the whole world is stacked against you, even your suddenly innocent cat.

And yet - you do matter - especially to your cat ;)!

But when we are living day to day in what is feeling like a dark, dank, dingy tunnel with a permanently shorted out light, it can be the hardest thing ever for any of us to truly feel like we matter.

But you do matter.

Your dreams matter.

And your cat matters in the furry bewhiskered ways that only felines can.

Let me show you how you matter in big ways that ripple out into the universe.

First, you got out of bed. That might sound like such a little thing, but too many people loose the motivation to. And because you got out of bed, that means that your dreams, even of they seem far away, are still there. waiting for you to pick them up again.

On the commute to work, you chose to stand, and let the older woman with the black coat and red shoes sit in the your former seat. It seemed like a small inconsequential act to you, but to her it meant that she mattered, and that feeling stayed with her all day while she waited tables at the local dinner.

And the puddle, to you it’s more than a puddle, it’s the universe’s way of reminding you that your dreams matter - because your dream is to find ways to keep fresh water clean and safe for everyone. But its a dream you’ve put off because it feels impossible. But the universe knows it isn’t impossible, and knows that with your passion for clean water you can be the key that unlocks the solution for not just your neighborhood, but neighborhoods throughout the city and across the country.

That boss who once again took your ideas and ran with them? Yeah, he is a jerk. However, he inadvertently is another way that the universe is seeking to tell you that you have good ideas, and it wants you to listen to your inner knowing and claim your ideas as good and worthy of notice. And work taking over your weekend? You don’t have to take that project on by yourself or on your weekend. In order to make your clean water dreams a reality you are going to need the will to set boundaries and learn to ask for help, and once again the universe is actually trying to help you get those lessons learned. Your unhappiness at your weekend getting taken over is a cue from your spirit that your dreams matter, and it’s a cue to stick up for them by protecting your time.

It’s not easy, especially at first, but it’s important to remind people - mothers, bosses, friends - that you have boundaries and here is where they are. And the wonderful thing is, that the more you set them, the people around you learn to respect them. They might be annoyed at first but that’s not your problem - that’s one of their lessons to learn. And when you have your boundaries coming into place, you naturally start to feel like you matter because you finally have room, time, and space for - you (and your cat)!

The being single thing - don’t sweat it. Become comfortable with who you truly are, feel and be free to be yourself. Until you do, you won’t be in a place where it is possible to meet someone wonderful who will love you simply because you are delightfully, uniquely - you, and who in turn you can love fully. Enjoy being single and instead of worrying about meeting someone, take pride in the knowledge that you are your own person and discover what you do and don’t like, concentrate on growing strong friendships with interesting, fun, caring, smart people who are also working to make their dreams come true. The funny thing about real -and healthy- love is that it finds you when you are most in line with you are here to be.

And to your cat, you are her whole world. And she didn't mean to make a mess, but her tummy was very upset, and what she wants most in the whole wide kitty universe is a good purrrrrrrr cuddled up next to you, because of course you matter because you are her person ;).


You matter, you matter…you matter…and so do your dreams.

If you are looking for a daily reminder that you truly matter, I create portraits of wonderful women - just like you!

These portraits are very different than the stuffy portraits you see in museums.

The beautiful painted and drawn portraits I create as pencil drawings and/ or oil paintings are about you, your story, and who you really are. They are also about who you are becoming.

You could say that I channel your higher self so that you can see your own amazing light. That light comes into being as a visionary work of art that in turn becomes a talisman for you to remember who you really are - a radiant and joyful spirit. These artwork talismans help you make your dreams come true because they show you at your full strength.

I call these strong woman portraits because they reveal your strengths so you can remember, even on your darkest days, that you matter, because you truly do.

To find out how to have your strong woman portrait painted click here.